Bigg Boss 12 18th October 2018 Written Update

Bigg Boss 12 18th October 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 12 18th October 2018 Written Episode

Day 31
Sree comes to Deepak and says I didnt deliberately spit on your name, I didnt like name there, I couldnt remove it so I used my spit to remove it, I got angry when Surbhi started shouting, I just want to tell you that I got disqualified deliberately, I will talk to you later, I am sorry from heart. Deepak hugs him. Sree says I am sorry. Deepak cries, Sree hugs him and asks him to not cry, I am like that, please dont cry Deepak. Deepak kisses his cheek.

Sree is crying in washroom loudly. Deepika asks him to come out. Sree is weeping crouching on washroom floor. She asks him to come out, get up, look at your face. Sree comes out and sits in rest room, he weeps again. Deepika says you know what they called me after you left, what they call me still? if you

dont want to be part of all this then dont participate. Sree says they are small girls, look at their size. Deepika says you think they have come here to participate fairly? they have to win at any cost. Sree says I wont talk to anyone other than you, KV, Sristy. Deepika says I cant see you like this, I am saying that with right.
Romil counts carrots for Shiv. Romil is dealing with Deepak to give carrots to Shiv before Somi gets to know it, Romil asks Deepak to give all his carrots to Shiv. Deepak agrees. Romil asks to put all carrots in hidden. Romil says to Deepak that there will be three contenders, let Shiv have more then we will give remaining to Somi, she wont be contender then. Shiv takes carrots from there.

Saba says to Deepak and Romil that I will give my carrots when I feel the need. Sourabh says you should give it now. Saba says I am playing as per my plan, if this is the case, then all should divide carrots, we all worked to save it. Romil says you have to bring something up always. Sourabh starts dividing remaining carrots.

Anup says to Jasleen that KV and Shiv are strong. Bigg boss says to inmates that ‘horse task’ has ended, nobody can trade carrots now, collect your carrots and come to living area. Deepak counts carrots for his team. KV counts his carrots.
Anup says to Urvashi that they made Shiv win, its wrong.

Sree says to Sristy that it was wrong, I didnt know that Deepak would be put in middle, I thought Romil would jump in, it was my plan to bring in argument then I would take carrots.

Bigg boss asks Deepak and Deepika about their distance of horse carts. Deepika says Deepak’s distance was 34KM. Deepak says Deepika’s distance was 33.2KM. Bigg boss asks which horse have most carrots? Shiv says I have around 800 carrots. Bigg boss says winning this task, Deepak and Shiv becomes contenders for captaincy. Shiv hugs Deepak.

Shiv asks Surbhi if its Deepak Vs. me in task then who will you be with? Surbhi says I will be with you but I will have to think when it comes to voting, he has stood up for me in all cases, Shiv says I stood by you too, if you have to choose? Surbhi says may the best man win.

Surbhi asks Deepak if he is planning to become captain? Deepak says I am remembering when Sree spit on my name, you, Saba and Romil took stand, Sree expected that, he used to feel loneliness. Deepak says to Surbhi that my self-respect is with me, my partner would stand with me. Surbhi says everyone has a way to live life, its not her style, she left bad too. Deepak says she could say something. Surbhi says its not her style.

Somi says to Romil that you shouldnt have given carrots to Shiv, if you wanted to make Shiv win then you shouldnt have taken my name. Romil says it was to not make KV win.
Deepak says to Shiv that Romil thought I would do what he said.
Romil says to Somi that it was not my call, it was Deepak’s call. Saba says then we wouldnt have supported Deepak. Romil says I regret to play for you. Saba angrily leaves. Romil shouts that it was Deepak’s call. Somi asks to not shout. Deepak comes there. Romil asks Deepak to clarify that he didnt ask to put Somi out of competition. Deepak says to Somi that I gave my commitment to Shiv. Somi says you fooled me, you could have told me you chose Shiv. Deepak says what if I lost? Somi says you were manipulative, you used everyone. Deepak says I had to win by hook or crook.

Deepak says to Surbhi that Sree came to me and said that he didnt do it intentionally, I am sorry if you felt bad, I hugged him and cried. Surbhi says did you tell Urvashi? Deepak says no, I didnt tell anyone, you are first to share, he is telling all this on camera, should I not accept his apology? Surbhi says you did right.

Day 32
Inmates wake up to song gupt, they all dance and enjoy.

Deepak says to Jasleen that if someone says that they want to be captain to make house better then it a big thing, I want to be captain too. Jasleen says you played your game yesterday.

Sree has headache. Romil removes hair remover from his bedside socket to get switch board. Sree asks him to put it back. Romil says I am not putting it back, Sree says I am asking you normally. Romil says I am not listening. He leaves. Sourabh says he should have asked before taking it out from socket.
Sourabh comes to Romil and says you should have asked Sree before taking off his razor. Romil says I will show his place if he wants to fight.
Sree says he wants to fight with me deliberately. Romil comes there. Sristy says to Romil that you have taken off his razor and should put it back on socket. Romil says he could have asked me nicely, he cursed me last night too, he cant keep doing it. Somi says yes, last night Sree said that people take my pillow, they are *****. Sree says tell me which curse? I said who take my pillow ****. I didnt curse him, what can this Romil do? Romil says do what you can, I am telling you cant do anything. Sree says I dont want to talk to you.

Surbhi asks Deepak to tell Sree to broom living area, he is not here to warm his bed. Deepak leaves.
Deepak asks Sree to do his house work. Sree says I have pain in feet so I cant do it.
Surbhi says to Romil you thought he will be sensible? he is a donkey. Deepak comes to Surbhi and says Sree is saying he has foot ache so he cant work. Surbhi comes to sree and says you give your work to your friend. Sree says that is not my job. Surbhi says you have to give your work to someone. KV says I will do it. Sree says you dont have to , you will be captain soon.

KV reads instructions that there will be a task ‘sensational secrets’ for Deepak and Shiv, winner will become captain of house. In this task, they will be shown secrets of inmates and they have to guess whose secret is that, after one secret is out, both contenders can spy and talk to inmates to know whose secret is that, then gong will play, the contender who presses buzzer first will get a chance to guess the name, if he is right then he will get a point otherwise other contender will get a chance to guess. Inmates can help and fool contenders to show support. Surbhi will be guide and referee of task.

Romil asks Deepak to think about guys and girls when looking at a secret.
KV says to Shiv that yesterday’s task was run by Deepak only, hats off to him, he was very clever.

Deepak asks Surbhi to tell if some secret is hers.

Deepak asks Saba to help in task. She says I will definintely do it.
Shiv asks Sourabh to help.
Deepak comes to Sree and says you can give me hints about your secret. Sree says how can I help? Deepak says you can show support by telling beforehand. Sree says when I want to give you a hint, I will take off my band and wear in other wrist.

Deepak talks to KV, KV says come to me for a hint.

Deepika says to Shiv that remember ‘I am an actress and I am sitting on a coach’, remember this line.

First secret is shown on TV. Secret is ‘I dated a collegue’s girlfriend and it strained our relationship’. Sree gives a look to Deepak.
Deepak asks KV if he is the one? KV says no.
Romil says to Deepak that it can be a girl too. Deepak says this is a big secret, nobody would tell. Romil says its big for us, not for them.

Sourabh says to Shiv that it might be Sree.

Gong plays, Sree and Deepak runs. Shiv presses buzzer first. Shiv says my guess is that its Sree. Bigg boss says Shiv’s guess is right, he gets one point. Saba says point is which cricketer’s girlfriend he dated.

Jasleen says to Shiv that its good you played with mindset open. Shiv says play with your earring when its your secret.

Sree says to Deepak that I changed my band and gave the hint, you were away from buzzer too.
KV says to Deepak that I would unzip my jacket as my code.

Next secret is ‘I started learning curses in 4-5 years old’. All laugh and look at Surbhi. Surbhi says many inmates curse here so please think.
Romil asks Surbhi if she is the one?
Surbhi says to Shiv that I gave you hint.
Deepak asks Urvashi, she says yes I am.

Deepak asks to not come infront of him. Gong plays, Shiv runs and presses buzzer. Shiv says my guess is its Surbhi. Bigg boss says you are wrong, now Deepak can answer. Deepak says its Urvashi. Bigg boss says correct answer, all are stunned. Urvashi laughs. Surbhi says to Shiv that I gave you hint that its not me.

Surbhi says all important people are in living area so we can start task. Sree is not there. Next secret is ‘I had a relation with famous celebrity, my current partner doesnt know’. Saba says it might be Jasleen or Anup. Jasleen says I should leave from here.

Shiv says to Sourabh that you can be the one too. Sourabh says are you mad?
Deepak asks KV if he has suggestion? KV says it might be Jasleen.
Shiv asks Jasleen to give hint. Jasleen says just say that I shared it with you before.
Deepak asks Anup about Jasleen. Anup says I know about her ex-partner Ginger.

Gong plays, Shiv presses buzzer first. Shiv says my guess is its Jasleen. Bigg boss says you are right. Anup says I know about him. Jasleen says dont say anything, how do you know? Anup says from a circle, girl from Hongkong told. Jasleen laughs and says I didnt tell you about him. Deepak says to Jasleen that you told Shiv, Jasleen says he knew from before.

Jasleen asks Deepak why you behave like this? I supported you when it was not my secret, Shiv already knew about my ex-partner, Anup says I knew about it too but Jasleen didnt know.
Deepak says to Saba that Jasleen is playing safe. Saba says to Jasleen that you could have told Deepak too. Jasleen says I didnt tell Shiv, he knew from before, even if I supported Shiv, why is it wrong? Deepak says why are you playing safe? accept that you supported him. Jasleen says take your frustration somewhere else.

Bigg boss asks everyone to come in living area. Sree says I am not going, what was Surbhi saying when I was not there? KV says she said all important people are present. Sree says now this is a fight. He goes to Surbhi and asks who are unimportant here? Surbhi says I dont have to tell you, Sree says you said all important people were present, who are not important? Surbhi says I am not interested in talking to you, talk with respect, Surbhi says I am not answering you, you are not important for me. Surbhi says all are here. Next secret is ‘My ex-girlfriend was so jealous of my current girlfriend that she tapped my phone and even tried to do black magic on me’. All laugh.
Surbhi says to Saba that people taunt to me, my voice is loud so all here it.
Shiv asks Romil if he is the one? Romil says I dont have to say anything. Anup says this is Sourabh.
Sourabh laughs and says to Deepak that I cant tell, Deepak says we know you have a girlfriend so your ex might have tried black magic as it happens in village.

Sree says to KV that it is you, it happened before marriage. KV laughs. Sree says magic do happen in Mumbai. Deepak hears it.

Shiv says to Deepak that its good we did task, we will not fight. Gong plays, they both run. Deepak presses buzzer frist. Surbhi says Deepak pressed it first. Deepak says I guess its KV. Bigg boss says Deepak’s guess is right. Deepak says to Shiv that KV told me before. KV says to Shiv that I couldnt lie to you so I left. Shiv says I knew it was you. KV says that girlfriend is my wife now.

PRECAP- Next secret is ‘The girl I liked was actually a boy’. Deepak says I think this is Shiv only, all laugh. KV says to Anup that it might be you. Sree says what we have to see? Next secret is ‘I saved myself from casting couch’. Surbhi says it must be Deepika. Deepika says you can guess. Deepika says to Shiv that all are guessing its me.

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