Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th October 2018 Written Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th October 2018 Written Update by Atiba

Ishq Mein Marjawan 18th October 2018 Written Episode

Scene 1
Deep says to Mausi until I find everything out they shouldn’t know we are working together. Mausi says sure. Deep says you have changed so much Arohi. There was a time when I could hear your heartbeat. i want to hear your heartbeat. Where are you.

Arohi is training with Abhi.
Virat meets the doctor who treated his mom. He says she was very injured when she came here. she is better now. You can go in and meet her. Deep goes in the room. His mom opens eyes. Deep hugs her and says ma I thought I lost you. I lost my mind. in my craziness I ruined everything. You are with me I don’t need anything else. She says when I was attacked I was very scared. You weren’t there either. He says it was the same night Arohi ran. Ma says where is your wife? Why is she

not with you? She saved your mom. Deep says what? how when? She says the same night I was attacked. DEep says in heart Arohi saved ma? Ma says where is she? Tara comes in and says I am here ma. Deep is dazed. Ma says she saved me that night. That woman wanted to kill me. Bahu saved me. Deep says are you sure? Tara says can’t believe arohi did that? deep says arohi can never harm anyone. Tara shows ma a picture and says she attacked your right?< She says yes she attacked me. Deep is dazed. Scene 2 Arohi is training with abhi. She says i can't do it anymore. He says you have to. there is a power in every human. Know human body first. She attacks on the target. Tara sits with ma and says you have to get better. i got this parsad for you. She says I am glad to have a daughter in law like you. Deep says in heart you see what I do now ARohi. Mausi comes in the house with Virat. Deep says my mom will live in this house. These guards will live with her 24/7 so she is safe. Virat wonders what is all that. Deep says if anything happens against my will I will be really bad. Most important thing there should be no danger near her. Mausi takes her to her room. Virat says in heart mausi was with deep. They were fooling us. Deep tells guards there position. Virat says in heart I will play my card too deep. Deep goes to police station and gives Arohi's picture. He says this is my wife. She is missing. Find out where she is. Arohi says you can never find me deep. i will come to you when I can take my revenge.
Precap-Abhi asks arohi to break the wall. she says that’s impossible. Abhi says break
this scarecrow then. Arohi says no one will. I will do anything. Abhi trains her. He says you are good for any fight now. Arohi says I am coming deep.

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