Complete Embedded Crypto Infrastructure & Trading Platform.

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Spot OTC & Defi Trading

Streaming prices or high touch offering, with no hidden fees


Accounts, Payment Processing Card issuing

Embedded Finance

Powerful API’s sitting across the trading platform and the bank

Digital Assets Platform for Institutional and Accredited Clients

Trading Platform Features:

  • OTC Crypto trading with Deep liquidity and 24/7 streaming pricing.
  • Yield products via simple DEFI Staking, with auto compound.
  • Corporate Accounts with segregated user types.
  • All trades can be self of voice executed.
  • All products and features can be accessed via API.
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Digital Assets Platform Digital Assets Platform Digital Assets Platform Digital Assets Platform

Better Banking

Banking Products

Sparling Financial has partnered with a Swiss Bank to help facilitate its clients banking needs. A Custom built banking product to fit the needs of today’s online businesses.

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Through this partnership we can facilitate

Multi Currency Accounts
Payment Processing
Card Issuing
Deliverable FX

Embedded Finance

To enable companies to embed digital assets into their business and empower the next generation of innovators.

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Prime Brokerage Bank
Prime Brokerage Bank
Web 3.0 Liquidity
Metaverse Payments
Online Payments
OTC desks
Business Accounts
Brick and Mortar Payments
Crypto on and Off Ramping
Build Crypto Fund
Embed Digital Asset Trading
NFT Payments
In Game Payments
Offer DeFi Staking
Embedded Compliance
Deliverable FX
NFT Lending
NFT Custody
Metaverse Interchain Connectivity
1   # Request:
2   curl -X POST \
3       -d grant_type=client_credentials \
4       -d client_id=${client_id} \
5       -d client_secret=${client_secret} \
6       -d scope=payments \

1   // Response:
2   {
3   "access_token": "eyJhbGciOiJSUzI1NiIsImtpZCI6IjE0NTk4OUIwNTdDOUMzMzg0MDc4MDBBOEJBN

How to get started

Complete KYC, Onboarding via the platform

Trade online or request API access

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